Petition for Judicial Review

Parties who have participated in the State of Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program have the right to seek a review with the District Court. A Petition for Judicial Review (PJR) must be filed in the District Court 30 days from receipt of a Mediator’s Statement. In addition, a PJR may be filed following the expiration of an agreement reached between the parties in mediation.

The Petition for Judicial Review allows parties to review the outcomes of a mediation. Within 60 days of the filing of the PJR, a judge will review the Mediator’s Statement and the agreement reached in mediation to determine if further action should be taken by the court.

A Petition for Judicial Review must be filed in the District Court serving the county where the notice of default was properly recorded.

District Courts

First Judicial District – (775) 887-2082
Second Judicial District – (775) 328-3110
Third Judicial District – (775) 423-6088
Fourth Judicial District – (775) 753-4600
Fifth Judicial District – (775) 482-8127 (Tonopah) or (775) 751-7040 (Pahrump)
Sixth Judicial District – (775) 273-2410
Seventh Judicial District – (775) 962-5390
Eighth Judicial District – (702) 671-4528
Ninth Judicial District – (775) 782-9820
Tenth Judicial District – (775) 423-6088

The following forms are maintained by the District Courts in Clark and Washoe counties. The FMP is not responsible for the content provided by the District Courts. For more information contact the District Court Clerk in your jurisdiction.

Second Judicial District Court – Washoe County

Eighth Judicial District Court – Clark County